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This Docu-Series will start production in Q4, 2019

To air in Q4, 2019, production beginning soon.

“Wake Setters” is a half-hour TV series following host William Browning throughout his journey of discovering how the movers and shakers of the boating and yachting industry established themselves in such rough waters. From Marina’s to Mega Yachts to Maintenance the viewers will learn what it takes to bring these vessels to life.


This Docu-Series will explore the history, global impacts, challenges and performance these “Wake Setters” exhibit. Our work stems from a passion for the salt life and the internal drive to enjoy the water to its fullest extent. We will take these concepts to new heights by visiting not only industry leaders, but by navigating the path of the user from beginning to end.


This isn’t your grandfathers deep sea fishing show, through documentary footage, “Wake Setters” aims to expand viewers passion and understanding for the industry by inviting them along the exciting ride throughout the marine world. Episodes run as shorts or sometimes as multipart serials, chronicling our travels and encounters with the individuals at the center of this fascinating industry.

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