THIS DOCU-SERIES will be ready to air IN Q3/4, 2019



Cryptos”, a half-hour TV show featuring all sectors that make up the cryptocurrency Industry will feature in each episode one or multiple companies that help contribute to the industry. From wallets that store our assets, the exchanges that facilitate their movement, or the assets themselves, “Cryptos” will be highlighting their underlying technology and value-proposition as it stands in the market today. The goal is to provide the viewers with a solid foundation of understanding the market in a fun and interactive format where the industries “who’s who” can communicate with the consumer that goes beyond anything currently available in the market.

In this docuseries, our host explores the history, global impacts, current and future technology, of the world's hottest topic cryptocurrency. Our work is driven by a need for a centralized location of information in a decentralized industry. We will take that concept to new heights by visiting not only industry leaders, but by navigating the path of the user from the beginning to end. On this journey, we will study Bitcoin, the most commonly talked about cryptocurrency, and other “Alt-Coins” as we travel around the globe to speak with investors, engineers and miners about the market.

Through documentary footage “Cryptos” tries to expand viewers’ knowledge of cryptocurrency and temper a subject in a way that can be inquisitors yet palatable. Episodes run as shorts or sometimes as multipart serials, chronicling our travels, and encounters with individuals at the center of a fringe culture. In most episodes, the stories seem to unfold organically, which allows viewers to humanize a digital coin, and see it isn’t as “cold” as the metal in their pocket now. Until now most media has focused on if crypto will work, well we have news for you… it does. In recent years, after seeing the cryptocurrency market boom, we began taking notice and understanding that this is Darwin’s “un-natural selection” in the evolving currency markets.  

Coming episodes of “Cryptos” will depart from the clunky, overly technical language the industry uses, to widen the scope of users to include all people, not just the seemingly “technologically inclined”. Episodes will profile the “David and Goliath” battle cryptocurrency and the financial markets are about to begin, Bitcoin alternatives, that boom and bust daily; another will unmask who lurks behind an encrypted key. Join us as we take you into the “power hungry” world of mining, exchanges, and wallets.

We are trying to step away from advisory driven media to deliver content that encompasses all facets of cryptocurrency, not just the bottom line. After many years watching economies rise and fall one can see that cryptocurrency is the natural reaction that coincides with distrust in the system in place. “We look to ignite interest and inform viewers to avoid the flow of disinformation and moral hazard that, that caused crisis a few years ago, and still plagues the markets today” -Producer Dominic Santiago.

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William Browning

For almost 15 years, William Browning has been an Executive Producer in the television industry. With the motto of his companies, “It’s show business, not show hobby,” he has focused his efforts at not only creating great entertainment for his audiences, but also making those projects into successful businesses.


The Browning family has built a long lasting imprint on the film business from over 60 years of powerful programming. His passions came from the long lasting legacy of his grandfather, Ricou Browning, known for being the “Creature from the Black Lagoon,” creating, “Flipper,” directing “Sea Hunt,” “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea,” and “007, Thunderball,” are just a few of the projects that made the Browning family a centerpiece of Film & TV in Florida.


As the principal and CEO of Browning Productions & Entertainment, Inc. he is currently producing a myriad of television shows that air worldwide today. William is well rounded and versatile in the business often wearing many hats on a set and behind the scenes such as Director, Producer, EP, and Hosts many programs such as “Wine Warriors,” and “Training Grounds.” Current and past projects can be seen on History Channel, LMN, FOX, Travel Channel, Fine Living, fyi, and many more.