In Production


In Production

"Training Grounds," TV Series

Docu-Style TV Series: Tactical Training Program

Airing now on Sportsman Channel on primetime thursday’s at 10pm ET, RE-AIRINGS on tuesday 2pm et & Friday 1am et

“Training Grounds,” a Docu/Drama, reality style series produced by Browning Productions & Entertainment, Inc. (BP&E) follows host, William Browning, as he trains around the world on an inspirational and thrill seeking journey with the leaders in our Military, Ex-Military, Security, and Law Enforcement today.  

With the ever increasing threat of crime, terror, and war... “Training Grounds” is the platform for viewers to learn the necessary skill sets, tactics, and knowledge to better protect their country, family and themselves. Former-Military groups pull back the curtains to their training like never seen before on television. Get up-close and personal with the characters of the most elite soldiers and patriots in a way never done before as they educate the audience on skill sets to equip the viewers. 

Each episode not only educates the viewing audience but allows them to train as seen in the series at South Florida Training Grounds, former prison and military and law enforcement training facility.

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Introducing, a national TV series for Equity Crowdfunding.  The series includes 13 episodes whereby each 1-hour episode features four up-and-coming companies who pitch their product to a panel of business experts.

Viewers can visit the website or mobile app and invest funds in the companies seen in the series immediately after the TV show airs with Equity Bender, the preferred Crowdfunding platform of the series: 

America gets to vote with its Debit or Credit Card for an "all or nothing" challenge to each company as they must raise enough funds to meet their goal or receive no funding. Result will be are announced on the following episodes.

Production begins in Q 1, 2020.

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ACF is contracted with Spark Invest for the backend, one of only 25 companies worldwide that are able to do this type of crowdfunding with approval from the SEC and FINRA. 


"Homeless to High-Rise," TV Series

Reality Style TV series: Contestant is given an opportunity to change destiny

“Homeless to High-rise,” is the transformation of a forgotten homeless man into a professional amongst corporate America.

“The Apprentice” meets “Undercover Boss” with “The Bachelor” style producer participation.  The life of homeless, forgotten, and unhopeful man is given the last chance opportunity to change his life in the way most would never dream.  Once selected, the transformation begins, this man will undergo a change mentally, physically, emotionally, and circumstantially to fill the big shoes of his new life. What seemingly appears as a free hand out becomes a challenge, as this individual will be forced to “sink or swim.” If he fails to maintain the character necessary to hold a corporate position, the opportunity is lost and he will return to his former way of life. However, if he succeeds in holding this position his life will be changed forever.

“Homeless to High-rise” is the story of the “American Dream.” It allows the audience to cheer for the man that can relate to the hardships everyone has at some point in their life faced. It is the upward ride on the roller coaster in life, the second chance each person hopes to encounter. While the gruesome reality that no “free lunch” exists and the gift of opportunity is only as good as the mans desire to hold on to it.

This reality style series begins with the final selection of “The Candidate.” The Host will explain to this candidate the seriousness of the adventure and opportunity he will embark upon, and if agreed to must be willing to be transformed into a “business professional.” This introduction to the show will also introduce to the audience the reality of the life this man has lived for so long, and the struggle for survival. Once the character is related to, the transformation will begin.

As “The Candidate” is transformed in to a “Business Professional” the candidate is brought back to reality, as the Host steps in for intervention: This is the point where it is made clear that his surroundings are only as permanent as his transformation is. He will be given the chance to work within a major Fortune 500 company, with the opportunity of landing a significant position. However this chance is only a 3-month probationary period. If he is unable to maintain his position and do his job, all will be lost. At the 3-month mark if he is hired, his life will continue and his new lifestyle. If he is let go, his life will return to the streets.

The audience will laugh and sometimes will cry, but the connection to this man will be made early on. Some will cheer for success and others look for failure. Regardless many will watch to see the outcome to see if the man on the street had ambition enough to press forward to the “American Dream.”


"Wine Warriors," TV Series


Aired Season One, EP 1-6 Aug. 20th- Sep. 24th 2016, aND AIRed EP 7-12 FEB. 4th-MAR. 11th, 2017 Sundays @ 12:30PM on A&E's FYI NETWORK

Season 2 currently in production AND WILL AIR ON DISCOVERY CHANNEL

"It's a bumpy road from grape to glass..."

“Wine Warriors,” is a Docu/Series, produced by Browning Productions & Entertainment, Inc. (BP&E) and Red & White Entertainment, LLC (R&W). Season One began production in April, 2016 and aired episodes 1-6 on Saturdays @ 12PM weekly beginning Aug. 20th, 2016 on fyi network, part of A&E Networks reading over 70 Million Households Nationwide. Episodes 7-12 continued to air from Feb. 4th - Mar. 11th, 2017 on Sundays @ 12:30PM on fyi Network. Season 2 is produced by Browning Productions & Entertainment (BP&E) and is currently in all stages of production with episodes slated to air in Q1, 2020. Scheduled air times are on Saturday’s 8:30AM-9:00AM EST (for 12 weeks); the show will air on the Discovery Channel reaching over 90 Million Households Nationwide.

In Season One viewers follow the host, William Browning, as the farmers take the audience on a journey through the messy process of what it takes to create the wine we all love and enjoy. “It can be a very bumpy road from grape to glass!” And no one knows that better than the four Northern Michigan winemaking families featured in season one. 


The breathtaking beauty of Old Mission, Leelanau peninsula, & Traverse City, MI is the backdrop as the wineries battle the weather, pests, technology and sometimes even themselves, all with their family business on the line. The audience will get to learn the full year process of making the wine they love. From pruning in the beautiful vineyards, leaf pulling, harvesting, and even bottling. “Wine Warriors” will also take a peak into cooking classes, winter events in Traverse City, and unique adventures that tourists can try and explore. Viewers will learn the process differences between each and every vineyard and winery and what makes each bottle of wine so unique.



WhiskyWarriors_ExclusiveTrailer_STILL (1).jpg

“Whisky Warriors” is a Docu/Series pulling back the curtain on how whisky is made, a spin off of the series, “Wine Warriors.” This series is produced by Browning Productions & Entertainment, Inc. (BP&E). This season began production in 2018, whereas the first season is slated to be aired in Q1, 2020. Scheduled air times are on Satuday’s 8:30AM-9AM EST (for 6 weeks); the show will air on the Discovery Channel reaching over 90 Million Households Nationwide.

The viewers follow the host, William Browning, as each distillery takes the audience on a journey throughout the messy process of what it takes to create the whisky we all love and enjoy. “It’s a bumpy road from grain to glass!” and no one knows that better that the whisky producing companies and families featured in each episode focused on that region.

This season features the breathtaking beauty of new and old American whisky producing regions such as Montana and Tennessee. These regions are the backdrop as distilleries and farms battle the weather, pests, technology and sometimes even themselves, all with their businesses on the line. The audience will have the opportunity to learn the full year process of making the whisky they love. From harvesting in the picturesque farms, grain selection, mash bill, fermentation, distillation, aging and finally, bottling. “Whisky Warriors” will also take a peek into wide variety of the unique adventures and cultural attractions that make each region unique allowing tourists to fall in love with and explore each region for themselves. Viewers will be educated on the process differences between each and every featured distillery and what makes each bottle of whisky so unique.

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"FAT CITY," TV Series

Docu/Drama TV Series:

slated to air on discovery life primetime, thursdays at 8pm-8:30pm EST

from sep. 26th- oct. 17th, 2019

 "Changing Lives... One pound at a time..."

“Fat City,”  a Docu/Drama series, produced by Browning Productions & Entertainment, Inc. is currently in production with episodes 1-8 slated to air in Q3, 2019. 

The audience will follow Dr. Hernandez, Dr. Jacobs, & other weight loss specialists as they transform lives though weight loss solutions.

Each episode will follow one client’s journey to living a healthier lifestyle from day one, to the last weigh in with specialists from every aspect of nutrition, technology, medicine, surgery, and fitness. Giving the clients the most opportunity to better themselves. The audience can learn how to make changes to their own nutrition habits as they learn from the client’s mistakes and challenges.

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"Cryptos" Docu/series


THIS 2-part DOCU-SERIES is slated to air in q1 2020 on Discovery Science

primetime on Saturdays at 10pm-11pm est and re-aring at 1am-2am est

Cryptos”, a half-hour TV show featuring all sectors that make up the cryptocurrency Industry will feature in each episode one or multiple companies that help contribute to the industry. From wallets that store our assets, the exchanges that facilitate their movement, or the assets themselves, “Cryptos” will be highlighting their underlying technology and value-proposition as it stands in the market today. The goal is to provide the viewers with a solid foundation of understanding the market in a fun and interactive format where the industries “who’s who” can communicate with the consumer that goes beyond anything currently available in the market.


In this docuseries, our host explores the history, global impacts, current and future technology, of the world's hottest topic cryptocurrency. Our work is driven by a need for a centralized location of information in a decentralized industry. We will take that concept to new heights by visiting not only industry leaders, but by navigating the path of the user from the beginning to end. On this journey, we will study Bitcoin, the most commonly talked about cryptocurrency, and other “Alt-Coins” as we travel around the globe to speak with investors, engineers and miners about the market.

Through documentary footage “Cryptos” tries to expand viewers’ knowledge of cryptocurrency and temper a subject in a way that can be inquisitors yet palatable. Episodes run as shorts or sometimes as multipart serials, chronicling our travels, and encounters with individuals at the center of a fringe culture. In most episodes, the stories seem to unfold organically, which allows viewers to humanize a digital coin, and see it isn’t as “cold” as the metal in their pocket now. Until now most media has focused on if crypto will work, well we have news for you… it does. In recent years, after seeing the cryptocurrency market boom, we began taking notice and understanding that this is Darwin’s “un-natural selection” in the evolving currency markets.  

Deeper into the series, “Cryptos” will depart from the clunky, overly technical language the industry uses, to widen the scope of users to include all people, not just the seemingly “technologically inclined”. This series will profile the “David and Goliath” battle cryptocurrency and the financial markets are about to begin, Bitcoin alternatives, that boom and bust daily; another will unmask who lurks behind an encrypted key. Join us as we take you into the “power hungry” world of mining, exchanges, and wallets.

WakeSetters Gray.png

"WakeSetters," Docu/Series

The Boating industry and the players setting the trends and leaving the rest in their Wake... 

Ready to air in Q2, 2020

production begins soon

“Wake Setters” is a half-hour TV series following host William Browning throughout his journey of discovering how the movers and shakers of the boating and yachting industry established themselves in such rough waters. From Marina’s to Mega Yachts to Maintenance the viewers will learn what it takes to bring these vessels to life.


This Docu-Series will explore the history, global impacts, challenges and performance these “Wake Setters” exhibit. Our work stems from a passion for the salt life and the internal drive to enjoy the water to its fullest extent. We will take these concepts to new heights by visiting not only industry leaders, but by navigating the path of the user from beginning to end.


This isn’t your grandfathers deep sea fishing show, through documentary footage, “Wake Setters” aims to expand viewers passion and understanding for the industry by inviting them along the exciting ride throughout the marine world. Episodes run as shorts or sometimes as multipart serials, chronicling our travels and encounters with the individuals at the center of this fascinating industry.

Bettwe by the Beach [Recovered] 3.png

"Better by the Beach" Docu/series


THIS DOCU-SERIES will be ready to AIR IN q2, 2020



 “Better by the Beach,” is a Real Estate and Construction Docu/Series, produced by Browning Productions & Entertainment, Inc. (BP&E). Season One begins production in late 2019 and will begin airing episodes weekly beginning Q2, 2020. This series will showcase the daily process of South Florida developers working closely with Brokers, Finance Brokers, Contractors, Title Companies, and the rest.

The viewers follow the host, William Browning, as he takes the worst property on the best block, and flips it into a beautiful home for a family to love and enjoy. “From backsplash to wave crash”  our host will cover all facets of the industry and beach living.  We look to break down the wall that divides viewers from the homes they see and the access they have, and moving them to become a part of our home buying experience.

Season One should feature the breathtaking beauty of South Florida and how it allure moves and molds the markets in an exciting yet volatile way. The audience will get to learn the full process from finance, purchasing, designing, permitting, renovating, landscaping, and selling  in the region while also getting to get a peak into what lifestyle on the beach is like. The grass may be greener, but life is always "Better by the Beach" !


Past Productions

Past Productions



The Crush Games is a fitness competition designed to test athlete’s physical capacity in all fitness domains while entertaining spectators with superhuman performances.

The Crush Games is designed to unite and challenge all fitness enthusiasts. Our goal is to provide an avenue for these athletes to display their skills. Competitions are an essential source of motivation and acknowledgement; creating a stage to share the results of hard work with peers, family and friends.

Events supporting the rapidly growing CrossFit community in America are in high demand, and the Crush Games is a testament of what our fitness community desires in a competition. 

All video components of the Crush Games III, at the BB&T Center was directed and produced by Browning Productions & Entertainment. 



"Livin' La Vida with Stella & Stuart," TV Series

Magazine style tv series: fitness, food, adventure, & entertainment

aired on CBS' My33 in South Florida and on TUFFTV Nationwide 2011-2013

"Livin' La Vida with Stella and Stuart," is a high energy, humorous, sexy and exciting tv show hosted by The Colombian Goddess, Stella Vidal and The Food Genius, Stuart Warren Dansby. Together they take you on the ride of your life. Their unique on screen chemistry will have you pulling for them as they embark in challenging adventures, competitive out of the box fitness, exotic cuisine, heart pounding entertainment and much more! 

Season Two was directed and produced by Browning Productions & Entertainment and aired in South Florida on CBS' My33 for 48 months weekly on Saturday nights at 10pm and nationally in 2012-2013 on TUFF TV in 40 million households on Sundays at 4pm.





Whether our viewers are renovating or just daydreaming, Miami Trend Design will inspire grand plans... Miami Trend Design is hosted by the inimitable style of Goldi Steel and Troy Dean Ippolito of Trend Corp, one of South Florida's preeminent design and construction firms. Miami Trend Design is a new home and office makeover series. The series is designed to not only transform our city's finest homes, offices and luxury condos, but through an exciting format twist. Passionate, talented and sophisticated are the words that can best describe our hosts, Goldi Steel and Troy Dean Ippolito. Each week this creative duo will provide aesthetic inspiration, highlight the hottest products in the marketplace and feature the latest in Fabric and Wall Coverings, Seating, Lighting, Flooring, Furniture, Eco, Accessories, Building Products, Office, Kitchen and Bath, and Outdoor Furniture. Goldi and Troy and their clever cast of characters team up to redesign commercial and residential spaces that are sophisticated, contemporary and stylish. Story lines in which an empty shell becomes a glamorous welcoming modern space or a home with dated furniture and draperies becomes lavish. With Miami as the backdrop, Goldi & Troy also rip away from the tedious work days to indulge in South Florida's simple pleasures. The Trend Design team rolls up their sleeves and delivers exactly what homeowners need and more on Miami Trend Design. Luxury, fashion, and glamour are just a few of the ways this high-powered couple express themselves amongst the elite network of clients and friends. Enjoying the nightlife, and sub-tropical climates, it’s never a boring day in the life of the dynamic duo. Many only dream of intermingling work and play, but Miami Trend Design lives it.

This 6 episode mini-series was directed and produced by Browning Productions & Entertianment in 2012. 



"Miami Divas," TV Series Trailer

Reality Style series: Luxury & lifestyle of Miami's elite Latina Divas

The series, Miami Divas, is an exciting reality show, which exposes the personal stories,

Travel and life experiences that a group of 4 girlfriends, whom we call our Divas, share as they travel and explore the world. 

The show is hosted by three well known Latin American women whom have recently met in Miami and decided to travel the world together before they pursue their new careers. Their objective entails for them to to travel and visit the “best and most exciting counties and places in the world,” always communicating and sending postcards to their friends and family back home.

At these encounters we begin our show, set the stage for drama, situations that the hostess encounter during their adventures, not only their experience, but also their points of view.  This is all done via testimonials, where the Divas share their side of the story and involve the viewers as well as always keeping the suspense as the program unfolds.

During these trips and adventures the Divas also begin to learn about each other, share their intimate feelings and experiences, expecting advice assurance or just an ear from her friends. Once the Divas expose themselves sharing their personal thoughts and their lives, we then create that very import alliance and identity which is used in conversations about their husbands, boyfriends, kids, parents, other girlfriends, places where they want to travel, eat, the airline of their choice, cars, and even their funny experiences as new homemakers. This could be described as a hybrid of “Sex in the City” and a traditional Travel Program…



"Miami City Deal$," TV Series

Reality Style Series: The Inner workings of Miami Real Estate Brokerage

The series, MIAMI CITY DEAL$, is an exciting reality show, which exposes the personal stories, Negotiations and life experiences that a group of high powered successful Real Estate agents, whom we call the DEAL MAKERS, share as they sell Miami Luxury Real Estate in this recovering economy.

The show is hosted by two well known brokers whom and have been the leaders in sales in Miami for the last 10 years before and during the boom and four other agents whom all have decided to complete the job in RESELLING MIAMI REAL ESTATE, the worlds best. They are committed taking advantage of the DEAL$ at hand before they see their City suffer. Their objective entails for them to procure buyer, investors to sell them the “best and most exciting properties and land in the world.”

This series is not only about Real Estate it is about the lives of the ones who make it happen and the Sexy City of Miami where it unfolds...



"Mission, Vive La Vie," TV Series

Reality Style Series: Travel, Luxury, Lifestyle of 9 Latin Socialites

Aired 3 Seasons 2006-2010 on E! in Latin America, and on FOXLIFE in 27 countries

"Mision, Vive La Vie" is an international latin reality television series. This dynamic new series airs on the FOXlife & Utilisima, reaching close to 40 million housholds all around Latin America. “Vive la Vie!” is a thematic approach to a luxurious and inspirational lifestyle in a reality show format.

The content reveals the travel, glamour and personal experiences of a group of high society girlfriends from Mexico and Latin America. 

“Vive La Vie” is an innovative and sophisticated media that promotes quality brands and destinations in an inspirational way through the adventures of the DIVAS.  

The DIVAS, a group of close girlfriends, experience the extravagant, luxurious and glamorous lifestyle this world has to offer and share it every week on their “Girls night out”.

“Vive La Vie” aired in May 2010 Season 3, Sunday nights @ 9:00PM on FOXlife and Monday nights@ 9:00PM on Ultilisima reaching 27 countries and 40 million households. Seasons 1 & 2 aired on E! in Latin America.


LMLMN Final Logo.jpg




“Love Me… Love Me Not” was our national Valentine’s Day television special. This dynamic show aired seven national airings on the Travel Channel, Fine Living Network, and GoodLife TV the first week in February 2005. 

“Love Me... Love Me Not” was an innovative magazine-style program introducing viewers to the many exclusive, fashionable and fun ways available for young and old to enjoy Valentine's Day.

“Love Me... Love Me Not, with Lisa Dergan” an editorial show. Browning Productions & Entertainment's Emmy Award-winning writers developed the story content based on the information provided by our selected expert participants, covering several topics such as Romantic Getaways, Choosing the Right Flowers, Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend, Adventures for Two, and more.

BP&E’s production team and John Holden (7 time Emmy Award winner) were sent on location throughout the world to capture b-roll and interviews for the stories. Participants on the show provided a spokesperson for a sit-down interview with the host, Lisa Dergan in the NBC studio in West Palm Beach and integrated with the b-roll footage. 

*Due to the file size of the media, any additional projects or content are available upon request.