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This Docu-Series is airing Saturdays at 9AM on History Channel

Airings Begin Q1, 2018

"Kiss the Apex," is a Docu-Series that entertains viewers through exhilarating races performed on motorcycles by young, skilled, and talented riders.

26 Athletes in the entire world get to call themselves a MotoGP rider, or pilot as often referred to in Europe.  Thousands of kids from all over the world dream of sitting on that starting grid, but not many have the talent, support, and pure determination that it takes to even be considered. The US has not been a major contributor to the international motorcycle racing elite since Nicky Hayden almost 10 years ago back in 2006. 

This is the story about the future. This is about a young rider, Sean Dylan Kelly who has caught the attention of the international community at the early age 14 years old. Travel with us as we explore the struggle, the fight, the sacrifice that is made by the athlete and family in these early years. Watch this young star battle as he pursues the dream to sit a top the MotoGP Podium. 

The rare skill and talent at this young age is a large portion of the attention that international teams and some of the largest names in the business are paying attention. Not to mention the international motorcycle community yearns for the next American champion, with these young stars catching the attention of the local and international community; the excitement is just beginning.  

Having SHIFT Performance on board as their Human Performance Partner, we are able to provide insights, analysis and coaching previously only accessible by professional and elite athletes. Preparing these young athletes physically and mentally to give them the best opportunity to shine on the worlds stage. As the High Performance Management company supporting these athletes SHIFT is engaged in all the development to ensure they reach their absolute potential. 

Each of the 8 episodes this season showcase Sean's training, stuggle, and preperation for each race this season in the MotoGP Rookie Cup.

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* Estimated Household Viewership for 9AM on Saturdays based on Q1 2016 Nielsen Ratings is 350,000 HH

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Sean Dylan Kelly

The only America racer in this years MotoGP Rookie Cup at 14 years old.

The only America racer in this years MotoGP Rookie Cup at 14 years old.

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