“Fat City,”  a Docu/Drama series, produced by Browning Productions & Entertainment, Inc. is currently in production with Episodes 1-8 ready to air in early Q3, 2019. 

The audience will follow multiple medical and health professionals as they help clients loose weight in a healthy yet urgent way. This personalized team of professionals gives each patient the support, guidance, and other services they require to meet their goals. With the methods and knowledge, clients lose weight fast and learn how to maintain their health. 

Each episode will follow one client’s journey to living a healthier lifestyle, and as we all know each client is different, with different needs and situations that are considered... This is why viewers will find from one episode to the next that many of the solutions featured may be solutions they can find for themselves as well. Specialists from every aspect of nutrition, technology, medicine, surgery, and fitness will be featured, giving the clients the most opportunity to better themselves. It's not easy, but with the right help and guidance weight loss is possible, and in a healthy way.

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