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“Better by the Beach,” is a Real Estate and Construction Docu/Series, produced by Browning Productions & Entertainment, Inc. (BP&E). Season One begins production in April, 2018 and will begin airing episodes weekly beginning Q4, 2019. This series will showcase the daily process of South Florida developers working closely with Brokers, Finance Brokers, Contractors, Title Companies, and the rest.

The viewers follow the host, William Browning, as he takes the worst property on the best block, and flips it into a beautiful home for a family to love and enjoy. “From backsplash to wave crash”  our host will cover all facets of the industry and beach living.  We look to break down the wall that divides viewers from the homes they see and the access they have, and moving them to become a part of our home buying experience.

Season One should feature the breathtaking beauty of South Florida and how it allure moves and molds the markets in an exciting yet volatile way. The audience will get to learn the full process from finance, purchasing, designing, permitting, renovating, landscaping, and selling  in the region while also getting to get a peak into what lifestyle on the beach is like. The grass may be greener, but life is always "Better by the Beach" !


produced by:

Director & Executive Producer:

William Browning

For almost 15 years, William Browning has been an Executive Producer in the television industry. With the motto of his companies, “It’s show business, not show hobby,” he has focused his efforts at not only creating great entertainment for his audiences, but also making those projects into successful businesses.


The Browning family has built a long lasting imprint on the film business from over 60 years of powerful programming. His passions came from the long lasting legacy of his grandfather, Ricou Browning, known for being the “Creature from the Black Lagoon,” creating, “Flipper,” directing “Sea Hunt,” “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea,” and “007, Thunderball,” are just a few of the projects that made the Browning family a centerpiece of Film & TV in Florida.


As the principal and CEO of Browning Productions & Entertainment, Inc. he is currently producing a myriad of television shows that air worldwide today. William is well rounded and versatile in the business often wearing many hats on a set and behind the scenes such as Director, Producer, EP, and Hosts many programs such as “Wine Warriors,” and “Training Grounds.” Current and past projects can be seen on History Channel, LMN, FOX, Travel Channel, Fine Living, fyi, and many more.