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production begins soon

"Americas Crowdfunding," Reality Series produced by Browning Productions & Entertainment, Inc. (BP&E), introduces America’s first national TV series for Equity Crowdfunding.  Each episode will feature a few up-and-coming companies who pitch their product to a panel of crowdfunding and business experts, millionaires and billionaires.

Viewers can visit the website or app and invest funds for company equity and to purchase company products immediately following the end of the TV show, for one week.  Results are announced on the following episode.

America gets to vote with its wallet for an “all or nothing” challenge to each company as they must raise enough funds to meet their goal or receive no funding.


produced by:

Director, Producer, & HOST:

William Browning

For almost 15 years, William Browning has been an Executive Producer in the television industry. With the motto of his companies, “It’s show business, not show hobby,” he has focused his efforts at not only creating great entertainment for his audiences, but also making those projects into successful businesses.


The Browning family has built a long lasting imprint on the film business from over 60 years of powerful programming. His passions came from the long lasting legacy of his grandfather, Ricou Browning, known for being the “Creature from the Black Lagoon,” creating, “Flipper,” directing “Sea Hunt,” “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea,” and “007, Thunderball,” are just a few of the projects that made the Browning family a centerpiece of Film & TV in Florida.


As the principal and CEO of Browning Productions & Entertainment, Inc. he is currently producing a myriad of television shows that air worldwide today. William is well rounded and versatile in the business often wearing many hats on a set and behind the scenes such as Director, Producer, EP, and Hosts many programs such as “Wine Warriors,” and “Training Grounds.” Current and past projects can be seen on History Channel, LMN, FOX, Travel Channel, Fine Living, fyi, and many more.

The Crowdfunding Platform:

ACF is contracted with Spark Invest for the backend, one of only 25 companies worldwide that are able to do this type of crowdfunding with approval from the SEC and FINRA.